Green Tea Nausea

Part of my reasons for starting this blog were to talk out my health choices and document them along the way. Public accountability is you will. I have ditched caffeinated coffee for the most part. I drink decaf because I still enjoy coffee flavor but I need another drink for the mornings until I can get a good nights sleep. Enter green tea.

Green tea is so healthy, just ask anyone. I have seen numerous studies on its wondrous health benefits. It smells great. I want to drink it. Everyone I know drinks it and goes on and on while making fun of my coffee. Well, green tea has a dark side.

Green tea makes me feel sick. It’s not just me, do a quick Google search. Lots of people don’t feel well after green tea. No one seems to know why. Many assume it is due to not having food in your system. For me it affects me at least slightly even after a meal. I have had it first thing in the morning, after breakfast and even after lunch with the same results. Green tea might just not be for me. I haven’t given up yet, but am getting close. I have not tried it with honey yet, perhaps that will help.


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March Madness? No thank you.

Before March was even upon us I already had friends this week talking about March Madness. Well, I’m not a huge basketball fan and I really do have enough madness in my life that I decided to fight the mania in a fun way. Instead of getting all wrapped up in the chaos this year I am going to step back and go into myself as it were.

I found a 28 day meditation challenge while going through Flipboard and it sounded like the perfect cure for me. In the past I have done meditation, sometimes frequently but never every day. Usually my meditations came more during my weekly visits to a local zen center and were 30 minutes a pop. The challenge is to sit and meditate for 10 min a day in any style so it’s not terribly long but the frequency will be my challenge.

I did sit for a session before writing this post. I was able to tune out my kids paying more attention to my fish tanks water flow and this did help to calm my mind. Tons of thoughts kept popping up but I dismissed them as best as I could. The ten minutes went fairly well but if it had been longer I don’t think I would have been successful after such a long time away from meditating. I’m looking forward to continuing the challenge and maybe it will get me back into a regular routine and that can only be a good thing.


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New Gecko

This is my wife’s new crested gecko. Isn’t he cute?


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Low Stress Weekend

I was quiet over the weekend. I did not post anything and I stayed off of most social media. What did I do? Well…I set up a fish tank at home. Just a small desktop one to hold a beta and a snail. I watched that little fish swim for two days and actually noticed my stress levels dropping. I became so relaxed and loved every minute of it. I had such a good experience that I set another tank up this morning on my desk at work. I know takes are work, sometimes a lot, but I think it will be worth it 🙂


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Why is being healthy so painful?

Well thanks to my low will power and my SIL delivering way to many pastries to my house I increased my exercise quotient yesterday. I’m over 40 and understand that my body hates change. It especially hates more motion than it’s used to. Hey, it’s 40, it deserves some rest doesn’t it? Well screw that, I had donuts to burn off.

I usually fast walk 3-5 miles a day during lunch but the donuts needed more since I ate a LOT of them. I did push-ups and sit-ups in addition for the last two days to supplement my walks. Day one went well, I felt good in the AM and decided to continue. On day two my sets were ok, but I felt some fatigue  Well let me tell you…this morning my gut is in a lot of pain. I haven’t done sit-ups in as long as I can remember so again not shocking, but wow this is no fun sitting at my desk.

I learned a few things from this. First, the apps I used for the 100+ push-up and 200+ sit-up challenges assume that I am a much younger person. Second, when the apps told me to take a day off in between sessions, I should have listened. Third and most important  the “feel the burn” of my 20’s is now the “oh my friggin …” of my 40’s.

I will be taking today off from they gym and please….pass me some Tylenol.


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Big Diet Hit

Wow, this past weekend was not great for my goal of improving my overall health and getting back in shape. In fact, it was really, really, really bad for the diet. I admit that I really don’t have willpower when it comes to certain things and I will go until we run out. For example chocolate is a weakness of mine and I will consume as much as I have. Usually it’s sweets that do it. Well, my sister-in law brought over a batch of pastries. Well honestly it was almost a truck load and far more that four people should actually consume in a weekend especially when two of us are under 10 years old. I think I am still feeling a slight sugar rush this morning 🙂

As bad as this was for my diet and general health, I did try to fix it a little. Last night I started the 100 Pushups / 200 Situps programs. I completed day one of both with ease and not a few strange looks from my son who has never watched me exercise in the house. Today I will also double my normal treadmill walking and hopefully fix some of the damage I did on Saturday and Sunday.


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Kids and Money

Today I am very proud of my eight year old son. His aunt gave him 2400 Microsoft Points gift card for our Xbox for his birthday. The points come out to about $30 so it’s not a lot of money but more than we have let him have free reign with. My wife and I explained to him how points are real money and encouraged him to think hard before he spent them. So after a week of thinking and writing games and avatar items down on a piece of paper he pulled the trigger last night. So, what did he do? Well, he made me really proud is what he did. He purchased an avatar item that cost $4.00 that he has wanted for months, offered to get one for his brother too and then asked if he could save the rest in case he saw a game he liked sometime later. Sharing and saving, I think he’s on the right track and learning good money habits.


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