Hello Again

Hi, hello there. I just stumbled across this failed blog of mine and have decided to reactivate it. I’m not sure what as, but something to occupy my brain. How is my life different from the last entry? Well, I’m still 40ish, still have a wife and kids, I still live in the wonderful garden state of New Jersey, so I guess the big change is I am unemployed.

I did work a short two month span back in Sept, but if you don’t count that I have been unemployed for eight months. That’s a long time and well frankly I am going stir crazy. Money is tight, it’s winter and I live in a small apartment. So not much I can do at this point until it gets warmer out.

My days are pretty routine at this time. I look for work, ride my exercise bike, do a few exercises, watch Netflix and read. I read a LOT. Last year I read over 160 novels. If I stay out of work I’m sure this year will be similar. My local library sees me a lot šŸ™‚

OK, that’s enough for now. I’ll reach out again soon.

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