Hello, my name is Mark and I am a coffee addict


Yes I am a coffee addict. I know I am not alone, but I feel I am on the extreme end of the spectrum in this area. Up until Monday I was drinking on average 12 cups a day. As my doctor said, I self medicate. I have tried going cold turkey before many times but I never get past the headache stage. It doesn’t help that I suffer from semi-frequent migraines.

This addiction I have is really affecting my sleep patterns which in turn makes me very grumpy. Being grumpy hurts my home and work life. I need to stop this now. By posting this out into the world I am holding myself more accountable and hopefully if I slip others will help me with corrective action.

This time I am not going cold turkey. I am reducing fast but in steps to try and avoid the head issues. Also, I am not cutting coffee out completely but will go down to the occasional cup with two as my maximum per day. I think two is reasonable and my doctor agrees. Coffee does have some health benefits associated which is good and heck it’s just so dang tasty.

So, how have I done this week? Not bad actually. I reduced and would only have one additional cup when the headaches started. So far my week has looked like this:

  • Saturday 14 cups
  • Sunday and Monday 13
  • Tuesday and Wednesday 9
  • Thursday 6 and a cup of tea
  • Friday 5

So far so good. Has it helped my sleep yet? Well, no however I believe I have so much residual caffeine in my system that I won’t see improvement there for a few weeks. So I am still cranky but that will change with time I hope. No bad head aches yet but my hands have been shaking a lot and I have been very distracted. Things could be a lot worse as I learned when I went cold turkey. Wish me luck everyone and I will update this post in the near future.

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