I need a new phone or eyes or both…

Over the last few months I have come to a sad conclusion. My eyes have finally caught up to my age. I have had glasses for a few years now but that was only due to astigmatism in my right eye. Now while that’s not great my left eye had decided to go along for the ride. I guess it felt left out. So, new glasses, yeah no big deal. I have a larger issue with this, my iPhone.

I really love my iPhone. My phone never leaves me. I honestly use it a computer when no computer is around. I even do wacky things with it like VPNing back to my home pc to work on projects. It truly is my best tool and maybe my best friend 😉

If rumors are true the 5s is already in production and it has the same size screen as the 5…too small. Several co-workers have Samsung Galaxy S3’s and they are so much easier on my eyes. It looks like I am going to have to abandon my old friend because he refuses to keep up with my aging. I have been shown ways to use the S3 almost as effectively, yes only almost, as my trusty iPhone so I’m moving to Android. Hopefully Apple makes larger screens in the future, but until then….I’ll always cherish our memories and don’t forget it’s not you, it’s me; no really.


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