Green Tea Nausea

Part of my reasons for starting this blog were to talk out my health choices and document them along the way. Public accountability is you will. I have ditched caffeinated coffee for the most part. I drink decaf because I still enjoy coffee flavor but I need another drink for the mornings until I can get a good nights sleep. Enter green tea.

Green tea is so healthy, just ask anyone. I have seen numerous studies on its wondrous health benefits. It smells great. I want to drink it. Everyone I know drinks it and goes on and on while making fun of my coffee. Well, green tea has a dark side.

Green tea makes me feel sick. It’s not just me, do a quick Google search. Lots of people don’t feel well after green tea. No one seems to know why. Many assume it is due to not having food in your system. For me it affects me at least slightly even after a meal. I have had it first thing in the morning, after breakfast and even after lunch with the same results. Green tea might just not be for me. I haven’t given up yet, but am getting close. I have not tried it with honey yet, perhaps that will help.


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