March Madness? No thank you.

Before March was even upon us I already had friends this week talking about March Madness. Well, I’m not a huge basketball fan and I really do have enough madness in my life that I decided to fight the mania in a fun way. Instead of getting all wrapped up in the chaos this year I am going to step back and go into myself as it were.

I found a 28 day meditation challenge while going through Flipboard and it sounded like the perfect cure for me. In the past I have done meditation, sometimes frequently but never every day. Usually my meditations came more during my weekly visits to a local zen center and were 30 minutes a pop. The challenge is to sit and meditate for 10 min a day in any style so it’s not terribly long but the frequency will be my challenge.

I did sit for a session before writing this post. I was able to tune out my kids paying more attention to my fish tanks water flow and this did help to calm my mind. Tons of thoughts kept popping up but I dismissed them as best as I could. The ten minutes went fairly well but if it had been longer I don’t think I would have been successful after such a long time away from meditating. I’m looking forward to continuing the challenge and maybe it will get me back into a regular routine and that can only be a good thing.


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