Why is being healthy so painful?

Well thanks to my low will power and my SIL delivering way to many pastries to my house I increased my exercise quotient yesterday. I’m over 40 and understand that my body hates change. It especially hates more motion than it’s used to. Hey, it’s 40, it deserves some rest doesn’t it? Well screw that, I had donuts to burn off.

I usually fast walk 3-5 miles a day during lunch but the donuts needed more since I ate a LOT of them. I did push-ups and sit-ups in addition for the last two days to supplement my walks. Day one went well, I felt good in the AM and decided to continue. On day two my sets were ok, but I felt some fatigue  Well let me tell you…this morning my gut is in a lot of pain. I haven’t done sit-ups in as long as I can remember so again not shocking, but wow this is no fun sitting at my desk.

I learned a few things from this. First, the apps I used for the 100+ push-up and 200+ sit-up challenges assume that I am a much younger person. Second, when the apps told me to take a day off in between sessions, I should have listened. Third and most important  the “feel the burn” of my 20’s is now the “oh my friggin …” of my 40’s.

I will be taking today off from they gym and please….pass me some Tylenol.


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