Big Diet Hit

Wow, this past weekend was not great for my goal of improving my overall health and getting back in shape. In fact, it was really, really, really bad for the diet. I admit that I really don’t have willpower when it comes to certain things and I will go until we run out. For example chocolate is a weakness of mine and I will consume as much as I have. Usually it’s sweets that do it. Well, my sister-in law brought over a batch of pastries. Well honestly it was almost a truck load and far more that four people should actually consume in a weekend especially when two of us are under 10 years old. I think I am still feeling a slight sugar rush this morning 🙂

As bad as this was for my diet and general health, I did try to fix it a little. Last night I started the 100 Pushups / 200 Situps programs. I completed day one of both with ease and not a few strange looks from my son who has never watched me exercise in the house. Today I will also double my normal treadmill walking and hopefully fix some of the damage I did on Saturday and Sunday.


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