Kids and Money

Today I am very proud of my eight year old son. His aunt gave him 2400 Microsoft Points gift card for our Xbox for his birthday. The points come out to about $30 so it’s not a lot of money but more than we have let him have free reign with. My wife and I explained to him how points are real money and encouraged him to think hard before he spent them. So after a week of thinking and writing games and avatar items down on a piece of paper he pulled the trigger last night. So, what did he do? Well, he made me really proud is what he did. He purchased an avatar item that cost $4.00 that he has wanted for months, offered to get one for his brother too and then asked if he could save the rest in case he saw a game he liked sometime later. Sharing and saving, I think he’s on the right track and learning good money habits.


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One Response to Kids and Money

  1. My son is like that. He’s now 11 but his nana spoils him rotten. He counted £500 (I’m British) the other day so he said he wanted to put it in a bank. He is now investing it to make more money. I don’t know if you will know what I mean but he is a young Alan Sugar.

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